Annie Get Your Gun


Annie Oakley and Frank Butler meet when she beats him in a sharpshooting contest at Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and the two have to negotiate between their competitive sides and their blossoming love for each other. – Broadway Musical Home


Thursday, July 26th @ 7:30 P.M.
Friday, July 27th @ 7:30 P.M.
Saturday, July 28th @ 7:30 P.M.
Sunday, July 29th @ 2:00 P.M.

Cast & Crew


Annie Oakley —————- Emily Knight
Frank Butler —————– Josh Kuhn
Tommy Keeler ————– Jeremy Scott
Winnie Tate —————— Leslieann Wheeler
Dolly Tate ———————- Alex Mindenlang
Buffalo Bill Cody ———– Denver Henderson
Pawnee Bill ——————- Joshua Schlade
Nellie Oakley —————– Peyton Stahler
Jessie Oakley ————— Emma Schlade
Little Jake Oakley ——— Brenton Wheeler
Chief Sitting Bull ———– Cord Ehrhart
Charlie Davenport ——— Austin Teegarden
Mac & Band Leader ——- Jordan Hammersmith
Foster Wilson —————- Nathan Butler
Porter —————————- Evan Hilton
Mrs. Sylvia ——————– Mallory Ehrhart
Chief Running Deer ——- Evan Raub
Chief Eagle Feather ——- Kaleb Sampson

Bailey Ward, Brooke Ward, Ariana Penny, Noah Widman, Sarah Knight, Katie Seaman, Katie Davis, Elleah Davis, Lydia Meeks & Gideon Mejia


Director ————————- Crystal Bowers
Producer ———————– Casey Allman
Music Director ————– Lora Knight
Music Director Assist. — Austin Teegarden
Choreographer ————– Ashley Brown
Orchestrations ————– Polly Krause
Accompanist —————- Patti Vreeland
Stage Manager ————- Scottie Miller
Props Coordinator——— Scottie Miller
Sound & Lighting ———– Eric & Chrissy Herman
Set Designer —————— Linda Jinks
Set Construction———— Keith Day & Cord Ehrhart
Program Coordinator —- Katy Corkle
Costume Coordinator —- Tammy Wood & Patti Vreeland
Advertising Coordinator– Megan Allman